Sustainable cosmetics and beauty is another field that really interests me. As we all know beauty brands contribute to the environmental pollution on a high degree. The packaging of all the the beauty and cosmetics products as well as all the ingredients that they contain, contribute to climate change, global warming and water pollution. From the beginning  there was a huge rise of the purchase and consumption of skin products since  through staying at home all of us had more time to spend our skin care routine. In  order to minimise the pollution of the environment that we cause through our purchase of huge amounts of products we can swift to sustainable cosmetic brands or create our own natural products. Natural cosmetics are a great choice since they contain completely pure materials like fruits and vegetables and are beneficial both for us and the environment.As a result I made “Dont forget your skincare “ shooting in order to promote natural diy beauty products. For the shooting I created a peach moisturizing mask for hydration and glow. The shooting took place on my friend’s house who also modeled for me. I kept the styling and the concept of the shooting simple as I wanted to mainly focus on the beauty products. The model had an “after shower “ look covered with towels highlighting the natural beauty masks on her face. I mainly wanted to draw attention on the face and the upper body of the model and therefore I highlighted it with bold big jewelleries. Overall, I was very satisfied with the results of the shooting as they pictures were looking completely natural as I wanted drawing the viewer’s attention on the natural beauty products that I aimed to promote. Moreover, I found really powerful the pictures of the yard of the house as they also highlighted the beauty of nature.

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