During the previous week I visited London, on my walk I passed by Selfridges and the window display really got   my attention and therefore I stopped for a while to notice better the amazing images of nature that was presented on the windows of the department store. Reading more about this project I found that ‘A Return to Nature’ is a joint outdoor show by photographers Marco Kesseler and Cameron Bensley. The exhibition celebrates the beauty and fragility of the natural world, our relationship with it, and sparks a dialogue around the impacts of climate change. ‘A Return to Nature’ is celebration of the natural world. Based one a National Trust reseacrh awareness and appreciation for nature rose by 46 per cent over the UK’s summer lockdown period,as a lot of people selected to pass more time outdoors. “Noticing nature can not only bring significant improvements to our mental health, but also to nature’s wellbeing,”. Our reconnection with nature during these difficult times is how the idea for the Return to Nature exhibition beganI really liked the juxtapositionof nature and plastic on the images. I foundthese images really powerful and interesting and for this reason I decided to research more these two photographer displayed on the windows of Selfridges.


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