A year ago today..The beginning of a new era, the “mask era”. A year ago today no one of us would imagine that face mask will be the most necessary item that we could carry with us,  even more useful than our wallets or keys.  Face masks, the latest  fashion trend, the new accessory, the new indivisible item of our daily life. Wanting to depict this harsh reality of the pandemic in a more playful and humorist way I created a shooting of still life objects.Therefore, I placed face masks and gloves on fruits and vegetables, symbolising our current life  where wearing a face mask has been obligatory for most of the activities that we can do. Wearing a face mask has been necessary in order to protect ourselves and prevent the spread of the pandemic. Additionally, for the shooting I used glasses filled with water in different shapes and styles in order to play with the reflection of fruits created on the water inside the glasses. Different shapes and colours were formed and I really enjoyed the results of the shooting. Although, it was quite in professional since I made in my house using prompts  that I have, overall I was very satisfied from the final outcomes of this shooting.


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