Nature is art!” they say. But how do humans treat this unique irreplaceable piece of art. Over the lockdown after 10 years living in the same building, that was the first time I was able to admire the crystal clear colour of the sea, listen to the bird twits and breath fresh clean air . That was the moment were I asked my self “ Why? How? Where all these nature’s treasure have been hidden so long?” Living a busy overloaded reality, we never had time to enjoy this “small pleasant gems” that nature gifts us with. But at the same never had time to think the damage and corruption that we daily create on it. Having this a starting point and after a lot of research on issues about pollution, environmental damage and sustainability, for the FMP I want to explore human contact with nature.  The project will examine the relationship that us, the young generation have with nature during three different periods ,  pre-covid, on covid and post covid-19.I intend to explore the way that this pandemic challenged and changed our  relationship with nature. Not only our hobbies changed, as “forgotten” habits like gardening, going for picnic and long walks  in nature returned back to our daily life but our behaviour too, since we start being more careful, cautious and chary towards the environment . During this pandemic not only humans changed, but also nature, as it had a  chance to “pause, relax and breath”. Therefore I will display images that I have taken during the two lockdowns depicting “the break” that nature took over this time.  Finally, I intend to display on a creative way my assumptions about the post-covid contact of humans with nature and the way that our behaviour and habits will develop or change as the pandemic will fade. The aim of the project is to raise awareness about environmental issues such as global change and pollution as well as encourage the youth to continue coming closer and being more respectful and mindful towards nature. I am targeting generation Z ,fashionable  young people with a high concern about nature and environment. Therefore, I am planning to do a zine about human contact with nature creating editorial shooting  about  pollution and waste, interviews  of people  talking about their relationship with nature and how it changed over the pandemic, display sustainable brands, interview of artists and designers that work on sustainability and pollution as well as include ethical tricks and tips to the reader to adapt. 

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