Being inspired by Tim Walker’s editorial on August Vogue and Laurea’s Frankel project “Recycled beauty” I decided to capture a series of still life images using rubbish like  plastic bags, masks, plastic gloves , food and drink packages decorated with beautiful plants and flowers in order to create contrast between the beauty of nature and the rubbish. Through these imagery I want to show to the audience the pure elegance and delicacy of nature and the way that it gets vandalised  from humans interversions. Moreover, I am aiming to raise awareness about issues such as environmental pollution and encourage people be more respectful and careful towards the planet that they live in. I created 6 series of images with a synthesis of different items that I found, I haven’t planned the combinations before but I placed together the items that looked better on my eye .At the end, I was really satisfied with the result of the images since I believe that they communicate the message successful to the audience.

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