Researching photographers working on environmental pollution, I discover Kasia Wozniak a polish photographer working mainly with analogue photography. “This is plastic” is a project that she made in order to depict the pollution that humans create on the environment. She made a series of cyanotype prints from the pictures of plastic waste  that she had taken on her walk the beach between Broadstairs and Margaret in 2017. I found these images very interesting and beautiful thus, I decided to search more about cyanotype printing. It is a technique that uses a mixture of iron compounds which when get exposed to UV light and washed in water oxidise to create Prussian Blue Images. Therefore, I order  online a cyanotype printing kit in order to experiment myself with this process. On my first attempt, I used some images of rubbish that I had taken from the park. However, I was not very satisfied with the result since the prints were not very clear and visual. I found out that images with a lot of details like the ones that I use are more difficult to get printing using this technique. Thus, I continued my experimentation using this time objects  that are often found thrown down on the streets like plastic bags, drinking cups, food packs and masks. I placed the objects on top of the special paper and then I put them on the UV light  for a few minutes until the paper changes colour from blue to white. Then, I washed the paper in water for a few seconds and left dry . In this case,  I was very content that I got using this technique since the objects were effectively printed on the paper. I found this technique fascinating  as it is a creative way of depicting images.

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