Being inspired by the “Bag off” and “Bag for life” projects I made a shooting with the name “Toxic nature”. In this case , due to the current  lockdown I faced some difficulties on finding models and booking the studios on university. Therefore, I did test shoot in my house with two friends of mine in order to work on the concept and find out positions. I placed on their head plastic bags in order to symbolise the way that many people close their eyes nowadays towards crucial issues like environmental pollution and climate change. The smoke that comes out the bags plays a double role on the picture as on the one hand symbolised the mystery  and insecurity of the future and  on the other hand shows the air pollution on the environment. Overall, I was satisfied with result of the shooting because although I did not use professional models and a studio, I believe that the images communicate successfully the message that wanted to pass to my audience and highlight the feelings of mystery, frustration and insecurity. about the future.

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