Watching “ RiverBlue”, an evironomental documentary by David McIlvride I realized how fashion industry nowadays “kills” nature and the environment. The film is about the conservationist Mark Angelo’s world river journey during which he uncovered and documented the pollution impacts of the global fashion industry. Based on the film water poluution in river across China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Zambia is due to the Western world and especially fashion industries.For China fashion industry is a huge source of money but at the same time the biggest cause of river’s pollution. China offers to the wolrd the whole fashion industry but at thes same gets all the pollutionThe chemicals that poison the water in China’s river create public health
risks as well as problems in the environment. Based on the documentary, in China cancer and other decease are connencted to water pollution. Dhaka in Bangladesh is the biggect exporting city in the world.Companies there do not care about the environment do it just to increase their profits. Every year, 200 thousands chemical are exposed to the Buringa river, which make people lose their smell, health deceases and even death. This shows how low cost clothing has in reality a very high caused attached. I really liked this documentery as I learned  and figures out a lot of information about the fashion industry that I wouldn’t never thought about. Moreover, I was really shocked with the  harsh but real depiction of the places where some people work, leave and survive due to us, the Western consumers that continuously  by goods, without having in mind the consequences that these purchases might have to the environment or other people’s life. Overall,after this movie I will start be more conscious consumer, trying to stick on sustainable, environmental friendly brands.



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