Being really satisfied from the results that I got from my  first experience with natural dyes I wanted to experiment and explore more techniques and materials. Being also inspired from the brands Food Textile and Food Paper that use food waste in order to colour clothes and other items, I decided to collect the food waste of  my household for a week and then use them to see what colours will produce. Therefore, I used avocado  and carrot skins, beetroot, spinach, red cabbage and dried roses . I placed each one of it in a pot and let the boil until their colour be released.From this process I released that each material reacts different with heat and has a unique boiling point that has to reach in order to absolve the color. I got a bright blue colour from the cabbage, green from the spinach, pink from the avocado, dark yellow from the carrot skins and dark green from the dried roses. Then, I also experiment with fabrics and time in order to see the different results that I will get. I observed that cotton absorbs better the colours than synthetic fabrics and the colour on it is more visible and bold. Also, I released that the more time I leave the fabric in the colour , the more intense is the colour on it. Being really excited and happy from the process on my second experimentation with natural dyes I am planing to work further on this area  in order to conclude on a  topic related for my FMP.


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