Based on a report on WGSN naturally derived colour will be a key part of future responsible product strategies.Food waste is a growing source of natural colour that has commercial potential. Experimenting with food waste in order to dye fabrics is a process that I really enjoyed. I liked the freedom that I had combing  materials in order to create a  color combinations and different colour shades. Before starting my experimentation I researched which fruits, vegetables and herbs produce color when they are boiled and  I used red cabbage, onion, berries, pomegranate, spinach and beetroots on my first experience on natural dying. I placed different materials on small pieces of fabrics and I folded and tied them with string . After this, I placed in pot and let them boiled for ten minutes. While I was unfolding the fabrics a feeling of surprise and excitement of how the fabrics will look overwhelmed me. I am really satisfied of the colour combinations that derived from this “magical” process and am looking to forward to experiment more using more food waste and house hold materials to create natural colours.


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