As part of the project I thought it will be cool to create some gifs for the Instagram account and the website of the space, with the images that we gathered from the designers and those that we took during the photoshoot. Therefore, I researched online website where you can create gifs and I used the one called “giphs”. Although it was the first time I made my one gifs I found the process really easy. I experimented on the platform and made several gifs for each designer, in order to review them with my team members and choose those that we like the most for the website and Instagram account. I was really satisfied with the result as they gif an interactive, playful  and lively character the website and instagram and is also something that stays at the readers mind and memory. Creating gifs is an additional knowledge that I gained throughout this module.I am happy that the rest of the team found interesting the gifs that I made. Below are some examples of the gifs that I designed while I experimented on the website.





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