Approaching the end of this semester,  the time for last minute corrections and project submission has came. During this week I submitted the assignment of my optional module on Tuesday. Moreover, on Thursday I had a video-chat meeting with one of my tutors where we discussed my process throughout the module, my role in the team and we  went over my sketchbook and portfolio. I found very useful this tutorial as the teacher gave me a really helpful feedback highlighting some corrections that I could  change on my sketchbook to improve it. Therefore, I decided to devote the following days of this week to make this corrections on the sketchbook and portfolio. Moreover, on Friday we had a video call with my team in order to organise and create the pdf with all our work for the final submission. Coming to the end of this module I can tell that I was really satisfied with the outcome that I produced on an individual and team degree as well as with the relationship that I developed with the girls in the team. Moreover,I gained some knowledge  on  Photoshop and Sketchup since it was the first time I used these two programs. Also,I am really happy for learning how to create a website since I haven’t done one before.

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