Coming to the end of the total lockdown in Greece I spent this week finishing the assignments that I had left over. As from next Monday the measurements will become milled I thought  of finishing  the remaining work in order to have time to go out and spent time with my family and friends. Therefore, I finalised the assessments for the optional module. Also, I wrote  and finished my personal reflection, which gave me a chance to look back to all the the work that I have done and the knowledge that I gained throughout this project. Generally speaking I think that I took advantage of this spare time at home on experimenting, practicing new programs and reflecting. Overall, I am really satisfied with the worked that I have done  for this project. I had the time to learn how to use photoshop on advanced level and create for first time a digital portfolio. I enjoyed making  my sketchbook on Photoshop and I think that I will continue working on  a digital sketchbook on my future projects. Moreover, I am very happy with close relationship and collaboration that I created with my teammates, despite the difficult circumstances that we worked under. To conclude, this time at home helped my develop and grow both on a personal and professional degree.

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