Another week at home is coming to the end. As the situation in Greece comes slightly better day by day, a hope that my life will slowly  get back to “normality” is born.  Luckily enough, the weather is good and allows us to go out walk and take a break from the everyday routine inside the house. As I had finished the majority of the assignments, I devote this week to check and revise my sketchbook. I went through the pages for a second time to check any grammar and spelling mistakes and also make small adjustments and corrections. Moreover, as the deadline of the project approaches, I had a video call with my team mates to discuss our progression and the way that we are going to present the video, cookbook and the overall outcome.I cannot lie that it looks like we are working really closely and cohesive as a group and we are also satisfied with our final results. Also, I worked and finalise this week the assignment for the optional model.  As it seems, so far all the assessments that I had to do for the second semester are coming to an end.

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