Reaching almost a week at home, I would say that I have start being quit used to this situation. Finding new hobbies, cooking, studying and exercising are my  main occupations these weeks.  During this week I worked on my digital  sketchbook and finalise it. I decided to do it on Indesign and then upload it on LinkedIn profile since the sites on which I tried to do my website didn’t provide the tools and facilities that I wanted. I made a page on Wix with some basic elements. Moreover, during this week the third designer Lucy send us her garment and I was able to finalise the website of the fashion space. At this point, I have nearly finished my sketchbook and online portfolio for my individual work and complete all the tasks that I was assigned for the group project. I am really satisfied with the work, even during this difficult times.  So far, I have almost finish all the assignments and deadline in order to have to proof read them and work on the corrections and details needed to get fixed.

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