Coming back after the summertime and hearing from tutors “your next project is to come up with your own magazine” was a sentence that I cannot lie stressed me out. My head full of questions “WHEN?””HOW?””WHO” “WHAT TYPE OF MAGAZINE?” . Today, holding a copy of “Halt magazine” I realised that everything is possible with good organisation and collaboration. Being the stylist of the magazine was the role that I wanted from the very first moment of the module. Having not worked  in this position before I cannot lie that I was full of anxiety but at the same time excitement to explore my role and responsibilities. As a stylists I mainly worked on sketching outfits, creating mood-boards and  searching clothes for the shoot. Trying to use mainly second hand or friend’s clothes in order to be sustainable, there were times that I struggled to find the clothes needed for the suitable garment for the shoot. Generally, speaking I had good collaboration with the rest members of the team. However, due to pressure, stress and anxiety there were times that we faces difficulties and disagreements as a group. Stepping out of the role of the stylist, I can say that it is a position that I definitely enjoyed and I am looking forward to do it again in the future. To conclude,reaching now the end of this process, I believe that it was a demanding and at the same time beneficial project since it was a great lesson and stimuli of the time management, organization and team spirit required in the fashion industry.

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