Our last shooting took place on Wednesday 11 December and it was entitles “you are,what you eat”. The shooting was  a series of close-ups and portraits. Wanting to keep the sarcastic playful aspect of our magazine we used collage in order to cover the face of the model with a fruit or a vegetable. The result of the shoot was a a combination of photography and collage hardly inspired by the Dadiasm movement  of the 20th century.  Being inspired from Magritte’s painting “The son of man”  and the way that artists explain that the way we see something always hide another aspect we created collages. Leading the styling of the shoot, I started through creating some sketches of each outfit and then I continue making a research on charity shops and friends closets in order to find the clothes that I need for the shoot.Each outfit represented a different character from another era. Therefore,through the outfits we wanted to create different personas from  the 70s to 90s. There was the hipster,sophisticated and cowboy character. Overall,  having practiced a lot on planing outfits and model positions on the previous shoots, this was a quick and not very demanding shoot since we had planned all the outfits in advance  and  the face of the model was covered, so we didn’t had to prepare their  makeup and  hairstyles. Coming back to the main inspiration of this shoot the Dadaism movement and more specifically  Magritte’s painting ” The son of man”, we can see that there is a clear connection between the painting and the result of the shoot.  To conclude, this was our last shooting and I am really glad  that everything worked very good once again and we collaborated effectively with the rest member of the team. Overall, I am very satisfied and happy from my experience as a stylist on all the shoots for our magazine.


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