On Friday 22 November our third shooting took place in the main studio of the university.  After collaborating with Phoebe in the two previous shoots,we decided in order to gain time  that for the following two shoots one of us will lead the styling and the other will organise the next  one and offer her service to the up-going  one.  Phoebe  mainly lead the “reshaping indulgence” shoot while I was organising the next one and helped her with the current one wherever I was needed . In this shooting we wanted to expirement with unusual positions, color blocks and weird mix of clothings. Looking back on the trends that appear on Spring/Summer 2020 me and the other stylist careful chosen the clothes that perfectly matches with the season’s trends. So we chose to work with floral prints and patterns as we saw that they were omnipresent in the spring/summer 2020 catwalk. Moreover, another key garment in the upcoming season’s trend were the printed pijamas suits, which we also adjust in our suit. Also, glittery surfaces like satins and mesh fabrics were another element that we adopted in our shoot after analyzing the trends.  We put a lot of metallic accesories in the outfits like hairclips, necklaces and earring  to make the outfits look more strong and dominant . Adding an expiremental and at the same time bizzare element on the shoot we used morph suits to layer the outfits and played with make up, applying glitter and pearls on the faces of the model. Generally speaking,  in this shooting we used a pale palette focusing on pastel colors like mint, lilac, baby pink and yellow. Always having in mind the damage that the environment gets from fashion, we tried to stay as sustainable as possible using second-hand clothes from a vintage collector and charity shops. Overall, looking back to the shoot I think once again we worked very good producing satisfying results for our editioral and social media platforms.  I cannot lie that at the beginning I was afraid that mixing all these garments in combination with the conceptual makeup could lead on having a kitty result. However, everything worked right creating the opulent, extravagant outcome that we wanted to have.Finally , I think  some aspects that were missing in the previous shooting like sketching ahead the outfits and researching the  positions of the models helped us made this shoot  well-organized and complete.


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