On Sunday 10th November we made our second photoshooting for the magazine. The  the theme of the magazine was overproduction and overbuying clothes and accessories. Through this editorial we want to pass to our audience the message of recycle, reuse and reduce of clothings. We started our shoot through researching images and editiorals  of outfits, locations, makeup, hairstyle and poses that can work as an inspiration for us. Then, we put all our pictures together and we created styling boards and moodboards for the shoot. Also, before the actual shoot we met several times with the creative director and the other stylist to plan out the outfits and look for the garments and accessories that we needed for it. Sticking on our topic of eliminating fast fashion clothes, we tried to buy all our garments from second-hand, vintage and charity shops.  After organizing the outfits, we chose the location which was the beach, we choose  it because we wanted to have nature  as an element in the shoot.  Also, we thought that sea and the beach are two places that are getting polluted and corrupted more and more nowadays. For the shoot, we used one female and one male models and each of them had three outfits to change. An element that we haven’t used in the previous shoot and I founded very  useful is to create sketches of the clothes as it helped us having a clear image  in our head of the outfits of the shoot. The outfits, that I personally found more interesting were the jeans and the suit pinned with plastic bags as they made clear to the audience the notion of reuse and recycle in fashion. Overall, once again I enjoyed a lot my role as a stylist and the overall result of the shoot.


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