Last Thursday , a workshop about branding took place. At the first section of the workshop, we show examples of magazines that use effective and clever ways to position theit name and logo. Some of the examples that stayed in my mind were ,Corner magazine and  Clash that matched perfectly the meaning of their name with typography of their logo.  Moreover, another knowledge that I took from this workshop is that if a brand wants to make their logo catchy and remarkable it has to be someting that will be interactive and that will engage the audience. Also, I really liked the idea of an animited logo that “has life” .

At the second part of the workshop, we had to come up with the final logo of our magazine and a short video highlighting it. With my team we thought of capturing Brighton’s Lanes focusing on charity and vintage shops since our magazine is all about recycle, reuse and sustainability. Therefore, we strolled around the lanes with my teammates taking pictures,videos and time-lapses  . At the end,  we putted together all the content, adding on it some of the  “behind the scene” videos from our first photoshoot in  order to make it look more vivid, playful and interactive. Overall, I really enjoyed this workshop as it combined both theoritical  and practical elements. Once again  I had a very nice collaboration with my flatmates coming up with a really satisfying event.

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