Halt is the name of the magazine me and my group came up for our first project. Halt magazine is an internationally distributed publication and online community capturing the meaning of fashion,art and lifestyle through the fresh lenses of youth.  The magazine will approach topics related to fashion,art, lifestyle and environment in a sarcastic, optimistic and sharp tone. We plan to organize several shouts with themes of sustainability and environment. Also, we are going to include interviews of different activists and upcoming artists , opinion articles, brand collaborations and events. I am the stylist of the magazine and I work closely with the art director and the photographer on organizing the theme and the location of the magazine. I also work indepently finding the garments and contacting models  for the shoot. So far, I really enjoy working on this  project as I feel that it works as a “simulator” for th actual industries and it teaches you how to work  with all the different departments of the fashion world. Finally, I think we have a very effective collaboration with the rest of my team.

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