Taking a look in my journey  during the past two months I think that my progression goes really good. I like the culture that I have chose and I enjoy very much working on bohemians. I began my pathway through a secondary research  looking for bohemian high fashion and fast fashion brands, events, stylists, photographer, fashion icons , magazines and artists. I really enjoyed this process as I gained many new information and ideas that I can apply them even in my personal life since bohemian look is  one of my favourites.  Then, I followed a primary  researcher as I went in London and visited the stored of a variety of bohemian brands and camden market where I found different objects and garments for the shoots.  Throghout the project I was responsible for the styling part of the  photoshoots I really liked this process as I had the opportunity to free my imagination, mix and match different materials and clothings, play with prompts and the setting to create a variety of concepts that will help us reach out 3 final results. The fact me and my partner had different ideas and way of thinking  helped us to connect our two different mental thinkings to create our final results. I belive that we  had a really effective collaboration working with each other. To conclude,I  am really satisfied with my final shoots, my process in the sketchbook and and my cooperation with my group during the second module.

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