New academic year, new life, new people, new house, new places… all started when I moved in Brighton in the September. Before coming here I was stressed about university, teacher, presentations, essays. Now, a month later I am so happy and satsified with my new life. Lectures, seminars, classes all work perfectly for me. The unit I really loved in the course is the Styling Workshops. I really enojoy the process of imagining, folding, wraping, mixing  fabrics and clothes trying to create different styles and looks. Moreover, I like the group work part as through it I have to meet new people, share thoughts and combine opions and ideas.  Finally, I found very interesting the marketing project , I  liked the idea of working on a local shop in Brighton as we will have the opportunity to have a physical contact with the owner and the products of the shop in order to get into the concept of how the market works. One month in Brighton and I can say that uni treats me really  well!

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