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Award-winning artist raising awareness of hidden illnesses through her work

3D Design and Craft graduate Kayleigh Peters is creating art on a topic close to her heart with the support of the Liberty Specialist Market Art Award.

The Brighton Effect is about discovering something you are passionate about and turning that into a career – no one more embodies this sentiment than Kayleigh.  

She tells us how the mentorship programme through industry specialists Parker Harris has given her the early career support she needs to create art that she is passionate about. 

My opportunity to make art that stands out 

“Through studying at the University of Brighton I was selected for the LSM Art Award which has given me a two-year mentorship programme with industry specialists Parker Harris who have mentored my practice to where it is now.  

“The diverse, inclusive and supportive nature of Brighton allowed me to be my authentic self in my professional practice and my personal life, which in turn has built my confidence to help me and my work stand out by challenging often perceived limitations and taboo subjects.” 

My university’s invaluable support 

“Through what was a very challenging time globally because of the pandemic and personally with ongoing health challenges, the amount of support and encouragement that staff at the University of Brighton offered was one of my most positive experiences of doing my degree. 

“It was through the University of Brighton that I found out about the LSM Art Award, which I applied for after graduating.”

My art, award, and future

“I’m an artist who explores with material embedding personal narrative with a particular interest in hidden illnesses, in addition to taking on commercial commissions. 

“Being selected for the LSM Art Award has been an incredible start to my career. Already in the first few months they’ve helped me transform how I engage with social media and my website. I’ve had the chance to meet with the other awardees, getting to know them, as well as some of the staff of LSM. We’ve had opportunities to network with everyone at shows like Frieze and the London Art Fair. 

“The award has encouraged me to focus on my studio practice, because I found after graduating it was hard to find focus in setting my own deadlines. I now also know where to apply for opportunities, so essentially the award has offered a sense of accountability to be consistent in my output. 

“Ultimately, I am looking forward to continuing to learn and grow over the next year and a half with this award, which I hope will help me establish my practice, and enable me to work full-time on my studio practice.” 

My proud moments and what success means to me 

“Just getting up each day and making art in my own studio and all the diverse opportunities that have come along with that makes me really proud of what I have achieved so far in my practice, even with the odds stacked against me.  

“One stand-out achievement has been visiting Geneva to see the vases I made in collaboration with Charlotte Hodes being exhibited in the Ariana Museum. 

“Success to me is being able to express myself through my art and being able to make a living from my skill sets.” 

My advice for the next generation of artists 

“Keep asking questions, always be inquisitive and critical, research your area and industry regularly, get a mentor the moment you leave university or find a peer mentorship group or even create one to support you within your career with advice, because when you leave, you’re at the very beginning and will need a lot of support.  

“Be creative because you will have a lot of transferable skills learnt from university. Know your worth, always looked to be paid in everything you do work based and ultimately be kind to yourself because you’ll inevitably make mistakes. 

“I would encourage all artist graduates to apply for awards like the LSM Art Award as they are key to understanding the art industry, and how you and your practice can be positioned within it.” 

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Alex Petrovic • March 7, 2024

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