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From left to right; Chloe Taylor, Gemma Graham, Hannah Van't Hoff, Steve Sutcliffe

Psychology and Criminology alum returns to inspire current students

Chloe Taylor, Detective Constable with Thames Valley Police, returned to share her wisdom with current forensic module students and about her career so far.

Gemma Graham, Principal Lecturer in Forensic Psychology, invited her former student back to present to current forensic module students on the Psychology and Criminology BA(Hons) course.  

It’s always great to see when an alum pays us a visit to volunteer their time, share career experiences and wisdom they have gained. It’s so important for students to hear from graduates who have been there, done it and got the degree – quite literally! 

We caught up with Chloe on this recent visit to find out more about her experiences at Brighton, her current role and her advice for the next generation. 

How the University of Brighton has impacted my career 

“I studied Applied Psychology and Criminology BA(Hons) at the University of Brighton, and I loved the different modules over the three years of my study. I particularly enjoyed my research project with Dr Gemma Graham on female offending, and modules such as ‘Developing a Therapeutic Relationship’ and ‘Psychology of Individual Differences’.  

“These have really helped me in Policing, where it is imperative to be understanding and open-minded, whilst being compassionate and empathetic to help people.” 

Positive memories from her time here 

“I made the best, lifelong friends in my time at Brighton, who I am still in contact with today! Brighton was a fantastic place to live, and I am so glad I lived my student years in such a beautiful city that I try to visit at least once a year. 

“The staff at the University of Brighton were brilliant; they were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and passionate about their subject, particularly my supervisor, Dr Gemma Graham! Her positivity and support have guided me through to where I am today – thank you Gemma!” 

How students can benefit from alumni wisdom 

“As a student at Brighton, I remember feeling completely overwhelmed about the big wide world and I didn’t really appreciate all the opportunities that were available to me.  

“It is easy to feel that you must take one particular route after university, but alumni can help students to understand that life is a subjective experience, and everyone can make their own path!” 

Chloe’s role with Thames Valley Police 

“I am a Detective Constable with Thames Valley Police (TVP); I investigate mostly Rape and Serious Sexual Assault (RASSO), alongside many other crime types, including assault occasioning grievous bodily harm, unexplained and unexpected deaths (non-suspicious), aggravated burglary, sexual communication with children andindecent images of children.!  

“I have been a Detective for 4 years. My day-to-day role involves meeting with victims and witnesses, interviewing suspects in custody, attending crime scenes, collecting and reviewing CCTV, reviewing phone downloads and compiling cases for the Crown Prosecution Service.” 

Her proudest career achievements

“Becoming a Detective Constable within two years of joining TVP through the ‘Specialist Entry Detective Constable’ route, and more recently securing a job in the Management of Sexual Offenders and Violent Offenders (MOSOVO) department.  

“I also completed my Masters in Forensic Psychology whilst working for TVP, which was incredibly challenging and I am immensely proud of myself for finishing it!” 

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Alex Petrovic • December 5, 2023

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