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A letter from a Student Potential Fund Scholar

Pharmacy Mpharm student Calebtina Peprah shares the positive impact of receiving a scholarship through the Student Potential Fund.

Dear Fellow Brighton Graduates and Friends,   

I hope this letter finds you well. Firstly, I am deeply honoured to be given this opportunity to show my appreciation to donors and supporters. My name is Calebtina and I am a third year Pharmacy student here at Brighton.    

I am the first person in my family to go to university and was determined to make a bold step and attend university. I have always wanted to pursue a career in healthcare, and I could not hide my joy when I got accepted at the University of Brighton. It was a dream come true.    

I chose to study pharmacy because I love to give care to patients. This became very clear to me when my dad got ill last year. Through my course, I was able to advise, support and care for him in a way that surprised nurses and doctors at the hospital.

This really turned my life upside down as I became very tired, lacking motivation and wanting to give up many times. I was able to pick myself up thanks to the great support I received from my Student Support and Guidance Tutor, Brighton Students’ Union and friends. I am grateful to them all.   

Winning a scholarship from the Student Potential Fund has taught me a lot of things as well as helping me achieve my goals. Coming to university, I had one mindset; to pass and get a job afterwards. However, upon receiving funding, I gained the confidence to apply for other opportunities I could apply for and, I am now a Student Ambassador, Course Rep (2 years running) and I recently won overall Course Rep of the Year (the photo is of me at the awards ceremony in 2022).

I also participated in the Wellbeing Champions program, all of which would have been impossible if not for the support I received.   

To donors, thank you for your support, but I believe it does not end here. With the reasons mentioned above, I am confident that more students will benefit. Your donations have kept me going and I hope my story inspires you to do more.   

I belong at Brighton.   

Yours faithfully, 


Pharmacy Mpharm, 3rd year

The Student Potential Fund is our spark that ignites futures and empowers students to achieve their goals by funding four key areas: scholarships, wellbeing, student experience, and careers and entrepreneurship.
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