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Support received at Brighton helped shape career path

Subu graduated in 2020 with an Electronic and Computer Engineering, BEng(Hons). She’s currently an electronics engineer at the University of Brighton and leads a Knowledge Transfer Partnership project between the University of Brighton and a local SME as an Electronics Engineer Associate.

We caught up with Subu Ghimire as part of our ongoing Brighton Effect campaign to find out what she’s been up to since graduating.

My current role

“My primary job role is to research and develop a novel data acquisition system for application in Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) industry. I have worked on end-to-end design and implementation of an embedded hardware/software system that is capable of intelligent filtering and enhanced sensing.

Support I’ve received at the University of Brighton

“I received, and continue to receive, a lot of support from both the academic and the professional service staff at the University of Brighton, which has made me a more confident, ambitious person… I remember the events organised by Beepurple very fondly – attending these events throughout the three years I was at university, somehow sowed the spirit of entrepreneurship in me.

“I founded a start-up. Secured research funds, collaborated with University of Brighton alumni and developed the minimum viable product of a task-oriented chatbot intended to solve the resource management problem for universities during Clearing. While we discontinued the idea after less-than-positive industry feedback, this experience gave me an unparalleled insight into self-management, leadership and entrepreneurship.

“I am currently on the search for the next business idea/model – entrepreneurship is a journey after all. I am proud that I followed my interest, and made the first leap. This was possible with the support from the University of Brighton, and the wider business community in Brighton.”

Advice for current students

“You don’t have to get things right in the first instance… take your time, learn from failures and have faith in yourself. You can pick yourself up and achieve what you want to. No one said it was going to be easy or straightforward.”

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Meredith Brooklyn • April 19, 2023

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