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Vishal Gadhavi

Vishal Gadhavi: “The best four years of my life”

Everyone has a Brighton Effect story to tell… long, short, curious, passionate, confusing, all-consuming, life changing, vibrant or unexpected… they all count, and we’d love to hear them.

This month you’ll hear from alumni around the world who have shared their Brighton Effect stories to get us started. From teachers to DJs, biochemists to designers, what might have started as a small ripple in Brighton is causing waves around the world. Here, we caught up with Vishal Gadhavi, whose degree in International Tourism Management with Spanish, started him on the path to TV Reporter and Executive Producer for Zee TV.

Tell us about your job

I host and report on a flagship news and lifestyle show for one of the biggest global broadcast networks. In addition, my job as Executive Producer is to plan the show’s running and all its content.

How did your experience at Brighton bring you to where you are now?

Undoubtedly the best four years of my life! My experience at Brighton gave me the confidence and life skills to prepare me for the ‘real world’… all the while providing some of the best nights out I’ve ever had – what more could you want!?

A memory you’ll have for life?

My internship on an island as part of my degree! One of the most incredible experiences which also gave me many friends for life.

What are you most proud of since graduating?

Having interviewed a whole host of Hollywood actors and also being invited to 10 Downing Street on several occasions to interview our Prime Ministers over the last few years, including David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson to discuss some of the biggest societal matters.

What does success mean to you?

Success is feeling happy, appreciative and content!

Any wisdom or advice?

Doesn’t matter what line of work you go into, always remember that ‘people buy people’ so it’s never been more important to be your true, authentic self!

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