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Natasha Paling: “Being awarded Outstanding New Teacher of 2022”

Woman with blonde hair looks into camera
Natasha Paling

As part of our Brighton Effect campaign, now open for submissions, Natash Paling, a teacher at a Brighton primary school following completion of a teaching apprenticeship, told us how her time at Brighton shaped her career, and gave her that unique effect on her success.

To find out how you can join Natasha and share your story, see below for how to take part.

Mature student to qualified teacher

By completing a degree as a mature student and then completing a teaching apprenticeship, I was able to pursue my dream to become a qualified teacher. My five year journey at the University of Brighton developed me as a learner, a practitioner and as a person.

Positive memories

Many positive memories – making a whole new set of friends at the age of 41! Graduating with a first class honours degree after leaving school with a handful of GCSEs. Having a great graduation party after completing my PGTA. Finishing my degree in the depths of the Covid pandemic!

Greatest achievement since graduating

Being awarded Outstanding New Teacher of 2022 in the National Pearson Teaching Awards.

Wisdom and advice

Persevere – it’s tough! Use the fantastic lecturers. They have a wealth of knowledge! Spend time reading and read widely. Buy a planner – and stick to it! Make time for yourself. Be kind to everyone – you never know when you’ll need someone!

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Meredith Brooklyn • March 29, 2023

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