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Comfort Rudzuna: “Have a lifelong impact on the lives of others”

Man stands in busy hall wearing brown tshirt
Comfort Rudzuna

Throughout the spring, the University of Brighton Alumni Association is reaching out to alumni to find out how their time at the University of Brighton shaped their personal or professional lives. The Brighton Effect campaign asks graduates what it is that gave them that unique effect on their successes, however they define success. We caught up with Comfort Rudzuna, who graduated in 2020 with International Health Promotion (MSc), and won a Forward Bound Scholarship while at University, to find out his Brighton Effect story.

Reflecting to look forward

During my time at Brighton University, I learnt to practice reflection as part of my work and personal life. Before coming to Brighton, my work routine was to look at a task and do it without assessing my performance and methods. I also didn’t assess my work after a project which meant I always went into the next project without having an appreciation of lessons learnt from previous activities.

Some courses that I took in Brighton, such as the community placement module, required us to reflect on what we had done. I developed an appreciation of how the practice was able to progressively develop me as a health practitioner and as an individual as well.

Coming back to Zimbabwe, I worked as a consultant for workplace HIV programs. Reflecting on projects that I did with clients enabled me to progressively become a better practitioner. Applying reflective practice has helped me improve the way I work and live overall.

Creating motivating visuals

One of our courses required us to work as a group and develop an item that responded to a public health issue. My group decided to create a video that could be shared over social media. We had to work with other departments such as the audio visual department to create a video that was impressive and motivating. I enjoyed working with a team of diverse students and other departments to develop a brilliant product.

Setting up shop

Since graduation, I have started a consultancy agency with two friends. The confidence and information that I received from Brighton enabled me to be start the agency. We have managed to develop workplace wellness policies and programs that are outstanding within Zimbabwe.

Life-long impact

Improving someone’s life is an important part to becoming a better global community. Success to me means having that effect where I have managed to have a lifelong impact on the lives of others. The more people I can impact, the greater that success for me.

Take part in the Brighton Effect

Have a great story to tell about your time at Brighton and what you’ve been up to since? We’d love to hear from you! Take part in our Brighton Effect campaign by sending in your own story of success. No matter how you define success, every story counts and we would love to hear them. Find out more about our Brighton Effect campaign and how you can submit your story on our campaign page.

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Meredith Brooklyn • March 22, 2023

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