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Graduate Laura Crow on supporting women and tackling gender inequality

Graduate Laura Crow studied BA(Hons) Information & Media Studies and graduated in 2004. She has recently set up a social enterprise Talk Think Grow to support women explore their potential and to fight back against gender inequality.  Learn how the pandemic ignited a passion that led her to make a stand…..

I’ve always been a feminist and was proud to be living in a country where gender equality was progressing.  Then Covid hit.  When I read the statistic that 25 years of gender equality development would be wiped out as a result of the pandemic I was shocked, and angry.  I’ll be 40 this year.  That is my entire adult life of feminism gone. My personal motto is to ‘be the change you want to see in the world’, so I had to do something.

Throughout 2020 I had been working with NHS nurses and women to support recovery and transition from the impact of the pandemic.  Drawing on 10 years experience of supporting and developing people I wanted to use the skills I had to make a difference so in 2021 I set up Talk Think Grow to support women to explore their potential, fight back against gender inequality and to thrive.

I use coaching and wellbeing techniques offering 1-1s, group workshops and facilitator support, I relish working with people to realise their personal goals and potential.  As a coach I am your thinking partner. I’m here to challenge your assumptions and build your confidence to help guide you to the best next step.

While my degree and uni life seems a lifetime ago now having graduated back in 2004, there is so much from my days at Brighton University that has supported this next step.  The friends that I made during my course and from playing the women’s footy team, the role models and mentors I gained and importantly the encouragement from the University Beepurple support service.  They are all part of my community and help motivate me to take on this new challenge.

My life since uni has been varied and my career evolving, I wonder what path it would have taken if I had had a coach to support me as I hit each challenge on the way, but the community around me that I have developed with each step keeps me moving forward.

Now as a mother I strive to role model my values of equality, kindness and sustainability.  Talk Think Grow is a social enterprise focusing on those values of equality and community and has a mission to give women who have little access to self-development, the opportunity to focus on positive outcomes and rejuvenation. By enhancing women’s choices, and unlocking their potential, we create positive changes in their lives and communities now, and for years to come.


“It made everything much clearer. I thought about things deeper

and have a better understanding of myself. I was able to realise

 things and pinpoint exactly what I need to move forward.”


To explore the next steps of your personal development join my FREE workshop on Monday 25th April…/exploring-personal…

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