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From studying an MSc to a unicorn novella!

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I graduated from Brighton with a Merit in MSc Environmental Assessment and Management in 2010.

Since finishing my course I have been involved with multiple industries and types of work, this has featured consulting in the water industry, asbestos surveying,  producing informational reports in the conveyancing industry, and voluntary work such as local studies in libraries and the maintenance and environmental management of parks, woods  and open spaces. Numerous other jobs and employed roles have not been mentioned but there on my CV!

Starting in 2019 I have written and published my debut novella “The Legend of Corunnis”, which is a fiction fantasy novella of 35,000 words and is currently available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback and hardback – the book has autobiographical elements and describes the many travels, adventures, ups, downs, romances and the life of Tor who is a unicorn within a novel universe. The book deals with themes such as love, travel, friendship, loss, life and many more including mental health. Originally aimed at children but not restricted in terms of vocabulary so I think that most open minded people of any age would enjoy or benefit from parts of it. See my author page and facebook!

Currently I am delivering prescription medication to those who are unable to visit the chemist as a part time driver, I am seeking further work and trying to promote and continue my writing. I have already written two books of poetry that are collections of poems that I have written over my lifetime and I have another four books in mind if there is enough interest in the first one to warrant the further time and effort.

So buy my book!  after all – everyone loves Unicorns!

Terry Everest BSc. (Hons.) MSc  – (writing as James Stryve)

Nic Ashton • January 11, 2022

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