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Update on the Malagiri School – July 2021

Lorraine Harrison has kindly given us an update on the Malagiri School.

Since the impact report was published in May, a number of important developments have taken place. These include:

  • Pippa Totraku and Lorraine (members of the Malagiri Committee) were invited to share news about the Malagiri School and gave an interview on Radio Sussex.
  • The COVID 19 situation in Nepal has worsened significantly; a lockdown has been enforced and the Malagiri school, like all schools in Nepal, is currently closed.
  • Mark Price (a member of the Malagiri Committee) has organised regular zoom meetings with our co-sponsors, Trinity, in Sweden. These meetings have enabled us to keep abreast of the situation in Nepal and discuss ways in which we can best support Malagiri. During the last meeting, we were joined by Yubraj Rasaili (headteacher of the Malagiri school), Dominic O’Regan (principal of West St Leonards Primary Academy), and Binod Lama (Chair of the Jangchup Charitable Trust). These zoom meetings have been such a great development and something positive to emerge from the pandemic.
  • Following publication of the Impact Report, a total of £1,078 has been donated via the Springboard site. This is amazing news and, in just two months, accounts for nearly 5% of the total annual sum needed to support the school.
  • Jill Munday (a member of the Malagiri Committee) is organising a fund raising event that will be held on 4 November 2021 at the Pangdean Barn. The event will have a birthday party theme to celebrate the school’s 10th anniversary. Jill hopes to involve children from the Malagiri school and West St Leonards Primary academy as well friends, supporters and School of Education staff and students.
  • Dr Kunsang (a member of the Jangchup Charitable Trust), together with a team of volunteers, carried out a rations distribution programme that was funded by the Swedish Lotus Heart charity. The group travelled to Malagiri and distributed essential food supplies to 125 families in the village.

To read the report that was compiled to mark the Malagiri School’s 10th anniversary, click here:

To donate to the Malagiri School, click here:

by Lorraine Harrison

Aimee Myles • July 22, 2021

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