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Update from Christian Howe: Founding Howe Chartered Surveyors and Guiding Graduate Surveyor Careers

After receiving a BSc(Hons) in Building Surveying at University of Brighton, Christian launched his surveying career at Sanderson Weatherall; it was there that he found his footing as a young professional. Christian continued his  growth as a Building Surveyor at Owen Williams and NPS running the planned maintenance programme for schools in Brighton & Hove. Christian qualified as Chartered Surveyor whilst working at Thomason’s LLP. This was a huge moment for Christian’s career as it removed the glass ceiling. With years of experience and Chartered Surveyor status, Christian was drawn to take on more responsibility, and he began leading a team of surveyors at a small practice in Soho.

Inspired by the opportunity to lead, Christian was driven to do more, and he knew there were ways that he could improve the industry and the level of service that surveyors can offer to other businesses and individual clients. Staff treatment as well as support for health and wellness were also high on his agenda – so Christian created Howe Chartered Surveyors (HCS), @hcsurveyors on Twitter.

Howe Chartered Surveyors (HCS) is an RICS regulated property consultancy firm based in London and Essex. Christian founded the company in 2013 and has grown it to a team of 15 staff with expertise in Surveying, Valuing, Structural Engineering, and Architectural Design. Now nearing eight-years old, Christian’s firm has developed an outstanding reputation and a diverse portfolio of projects and clients.

HCS’s outstanding reputation is built from being a business that gives back to the community and helps graduates secure work experience and mentorship as they progress toward becoming Chartered. Christian uses his company and position to offer surveying graduates a successful launch into the industry. To inspire positive change from the inside, Christian continues to work as a Chair Assessor for the RICS, providing a font of knowledge and advice for those wishing to become members of the RICS. Part of Christian’s ethos is to expose his staff to the full breadth of surveying services, ensuring their experience is varied and their work is challenging enough to continue to grow as well-rounded surveyors.

Outside of surveying, Christian has used his influence to create a local cycle club, HCSCC, which rides each Sunday and welcomes all levels, promoting health in the community. Following Christian’s passion for family and community, the firm is highly involved in giving back to local businesses and community members through hosting networking opportunities, sponsoring events, donating to local charities, and sponsoring Brentwood Cricket Club.

Christian often looks back to the University of Brighton with gratitude and fond memories, and he will never forget the likes of Don Vincent-Gill and David Wyatt who helped mould his understanding of surveying and construction.

Christian’s degree from the University of Brighton set him up to be independent, confident in his chosen industry, and destined for leadership, so to all of those students and recent graduates out there, Christian’s best advice is,”… to gain as broad an experience as possible in your early career – and with this in mind – think carefully about what a potential employer will offer you.  Also, complete your APC and get Chartered sooner rather than later, particularly if you are thinking of having a family!”

For more information about Christian Howe, Howe Chartered Surveyors, and the HCS Cycle Club (HCSCC), check out their socials:

Facebook: @howecharteredsurveyors @hcscc

Twitter: @hcsurveyors

Instagram: @howecharteredsurveyors

Howe Chartered Surveyors is a multi-award-winning company, including Professional Services Provider of the Year from the Property Management Awards. Find out more here.

Nic Ashton • June 24, 2021

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