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Alumna Wendy Dearing’s story: from a background in nursing to a professorship

Alumna Professor Wendy Dearing graduated in 2013 as a mature student. With a nursing background, Wendy holds her MSc in Change Management & Innovation, and a Professorship in Applied Practice in recognition of her expertise and knowledge in championing professionalism in technology and information.

Here, she shares her story in her own words….

Hello I’m really pleased to be able to sit and reflect on how graduating with a MSc In Change Management & Innovation (2013) has consolidated my long career.

I was a (very) mature student as I had come through the vocational route from nurse training to achieving numerous vocational qualifications at level 5/7 in leadership, strategy, learning & development.  Through my various roles I had supported a fair few colleagues from many disciplines to study at the University of Brighton, but lacked the courage to take that initial step into the world of academia but I am so pleased I did! I’m now Professor of Practice and Dean of the Institute of Management & Health University of Wales Trinity St David, my MSc really has assisted in giving me the confidence to move in these circles!

At the time of my application as part of my then role was leading change teams within Health Informatics in the NHS. I became fascinated to learn more about change & human behaviour relating to implementing technology to support service transformation part of the NpfIT programme at the time billed as the biggest IT project in the world. Since my move to Wales I created another change/service transformation team originally there were seven staff there are now 30 and growing.

To support the professionalism of Health Informatics  workforce I was instrumental in developing The Wales Institute of Digital Information (WIDI) This has grown into strategic partnership with the University of Wales Trinity St. David, University of South Wales and NHS Wales informatics Service (NWIS). As a result, I proudly accepted a “Professorship in Applied Practice in recognition of her expertise and knowledge in championing professionalism in technology and information”

My take always …It’s never too late to study, I have good memories of a supportive learning environment along with great stories from the lecturers…

Nic Ashton • March 17, 2021

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  1. Wilson Athey March 29, 2021 - 11:03 am Reply

    Brilliant to see a nurse achieve so much. I too was a mature student who entered nursing later in life without any concept of the opportunities and doors that could be opened. My education background was basic but University opened my eyes to an amazing world of opportunities. Not just in my profession but to the wider world. Never regretted any moment at the University of Brighton, becoming hungry for knowledge. I just ran out of years. Wendy shows what is achievable and the difference a vocational nurse can make. As a retired nurse, I’m proud of our profession and proud to read of Wendy’s many achievements since qualifying as a nurse.

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