The Graduate Recruitment Bureau’s reaction to Covid-19

Brighton Business graduates, Chris Cater and Dan Hawes, have stayed close to their roots by setting up a recruitment platform designed to help fellow Dan Hawes sittinggraduates launch their careers with fantastic employers. Since graduating from Brighton University in 1994, they started Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB) in 1997 and have steadily grown the business organically in Brighton, remaining independent to this day, serving over 1,800 recruiters and successfully finding permanent employment for over 8,000 graduates from across the UK.

Here’s Dan with information on the GRB reaction to Coronavirus and how they could help you….

The economic downturn created by the covid pandemic has hit all University graduates like no other in history. According to the FT, this crisis could leave a generation largely out of work for the first time since the 1980s. Having seen downturns before, GRB know how challenging this can be Graduate mentor logoand have therefore gone the extra mile setting out on a mission to help graduates facing these uncertain times with positive advice, guidance and reassurance.

Our campaign, #helpthecovidgeneration, is able to help graduates in the following ways;

1. Advice: Our website has been a trusted source of careers advice since 1997. We are updating content all the time including a special blog with advice from graduates who have been through difficult times themselves during previous downturns and recessions.

2. One-to-one Mentoring: We have launched a new sister site called Graduate Mentor giving graduates exclusive access to hand-picked and screened inspiring business leaders, senior recruiters, professional coaches and alumni. Graduates can book free, one hour, one-to-one consultations.

3. Webinars: We have run a series of webinars in partnership with over 80 Universities during lockdown to share our 23 years’ experience and havegraduate managed to reach over a million students and graduates.

4. Graduate level jobs: Our team have a loyal client base and also discover new hidden graduate jobs with amazing employers. We broadcast ways to apply directly with regular email alerts and social media updates.

5. Postgraduate courses: We have developed another new service to meet the growing demand among graduates to stay at uni and study for a Masters.

As Brighton alumni, we would love you join us in our campaign. Please share your advice, tips and reassurance that we can broadcast to thousands of struggling graduates and together we can make a difference.

Please contact Dan Hawes on or visit

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