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Harrison graduated with a BA Hons Law with Business degree in 2015. He’s now in the process of setting up a business with two other graduates. Read his story…..

“After leaving the University of Brighton in 2015, I was a lot like most of my friends and classmates; I didn’t really know what I wanted to do for work. I knew that I was ready for a ‘real job’, and ready to try and earn some money to pay off my overdraft. As a result, I followed the well-trodden path and applied for a range of jobs on various job graduate boards. This introduced me to the world of recruitment agencies, and it is a world that I am sure many recent graduates have had experience in.

HarrisonRecruitment agencies can be a massive help when trying to find a job as they can get your foot in the door of some amazing companies. However, as a recent graduate I would say that I had the pleasure, and displeasure of working with recruiters. There was a huge gulf in the standard of service provided by different recruitment companies, and my friends who were also using recruiters echoed this feeling. This disparity was alarming, but what was most alarming is the fact that there was no information or data out there to help us choose which recruiters to trust with our career, we were going in to it completely blind. Over a couple of beers in a pub on London Road discussing recruitment agencies, it clicked. This is when Chris, Jack, and I who are all Brighton grads, decided to create a community-centric reviewing platform for the recruitment market called Reviewedo. The last 6 months we have brought the product to launch and we are on the pathway to providing a platform that gives recent graduates the information, and data that will help them make the best decisions they can for their careers.

The University of Brighton has been imperative to the early success of Reviewedo. From their advice we have managed to secure partnerships with a number of university careers services to recommend the Reviewedo platform when students are on the hunt of jobs, we are also being mentored by a

Three graduates

 very successful Brighton businessperson through the BeePurple entrepreneurship scheme and we are also able to share our story with you guys as recent alumni. Jack, Chris and I all gained a range of transferable skills from our degrees that we have put into practice when starting our business. I believe that during university the most important skills you develop are your soft skills, for example the ability to speak to people from all walks of life and work with them on a professional level. This is particularly important when you are launching a new product that doesn’t exist anywhere else as it is imperative to be able to bring people round to your way of thinking and bring them in the community to work with you on growing Reviewedo. Having that ability to persuade someone to do something for you, for free, when you have next to nothing in common is a great skill, and is one that I developed during my course and time at Brighton.

I’m not sure I am qualified to give recent graduates advice, however, if you are on the job hunt then recruiters can be a great tool. They can give you an in road to some amazing jobs and companies that only use agency recruiters, but finding the right recruiter can be difficult. Look at some of our reviews on Reviewedo and decide which recruiter is best for you.

Alternatively, if you have used a recruiter before, join the Reviewedo community and share your experiences. Writing an anonymous review only takes a minute, and your single review could make a huge impact on a job seekers life by providing them with the information and data that is so necessary to help them make the best decision for their careers. Join the Reviewedo community here.

If you have got this far, first and foremost thank you for reading and taking an interest in Reviewedo. I would love to speak with anyone who has used a recruiter, or is a recruiter to get some feedback on the platform to find out how Reviewedo can provide value to you. Please feel free to reach out directly to me on

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