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Advice keyboardSince it’s the start of the Autumn term, we asked our alumni for their tips to share with new students. As ever, our graduates delivered with some excellent advice and here is a selection:


“Your time at Uni goes so quickly so my recommendation to you would be to really make the most of every experience.  I know this sounds a bit of a cliche but it does really work.  And I know it gets super busy with essays and deadlines but listen, Uni is so expensive these days that you really must get your monies worth.  Jump right in at the beginning and see what is out there.  I joined some of the beepurple lectures, they were free and

had workshops on a huge number of helpful subjects.  Immerse yourself in the place, I did and got so many rewards.

I set up a student society with a group of colleagues where we invited Inclusive artists to come and speak and held workshops after the talks.  It was quite a bit of work to organise but the resources available from the Uni were brilliant and the contacts made really benefitted myself and others.  We only used to get around 6-10 people attending the talks but every talk we did had a big impact on the participants and we all gained contacts and extra experience.  I also joined the organic veg box scheme and picked up some yummy veg for a bargain price each week.

Just go for it!

Good luck 😉”

Elaine Foster-Gandey

Inclusive Arts Practice 2019


“Try to join societies that you find interesting and be involved in university life/social events rather than just purely study!”

Ugne Dunskute

MPharm Pharmacy 2019


“Do not drink alcohol excessively, in moderation so you can remember the week.”

Elaine Shariff

Physical Education and Human Movement 1981


“Be organized, and patient, prepare to fail (don’t worry it is part of evolution), clear up all your questions, check the route you are going to follow beforehand (google map is an excellent tool), don’t be late because all the interesting conversations happen before and sometimes after classes.

Enjoy Brighton!”

Penelope Gerabini

MSc Product Innovation and Development 2001


“Having graduated from Brighton Polytechnic in 1988, I am compelled to say that students, new to study, will have begun a thrilling life changing learning journey. In my teaching career, I owe great thanks to the thought provoking lectures and care that the Poly teachers instilled in me. I still use those skills, values, passion and joy in my teaching every single day. Teaching is demanding but the very best career that keeps developing, it is fresh and exciting. My career has led me to be being Head of Schools and although hard work, Brighton Polytechnic totally gave me the training to learn, grow and flourish. My tip to new students is to say, enjoy and try everything; you are in for a life changing packed course with all that Brighton University and Brighton itself has to offer.”

Tina Macintosh

BEd 7-11 Teacher Training 1988

Nic Ashton • October 4, 2019

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  1. Cleo Quinlivan October 4, 2019 - 11:22 am Reply

    Great advice there!

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