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Snapshot from alumni photographer Simon Fazackarley

Simon tells us in his own words what he’s been up to since graduating and how his degree helped him:

I’m Simon Fazackarley; I studied Multimedia at University of Brighton around 2005. Since leaving University, I set up my own business – I’m a Wedding Photographer. I’ve photographed over 400 weddings, and my work has featured internationally. In 2019 I was named one of the top wedding photographers in England by the prestigious Wedding Industry Awards.

Growing up, I loved making things, taking photos, illustrating and designing websites – I studied Photography, Media Studies, IT and Law at A-Level – but nothing stood out as an area to dedicate myself, so I was a little lost upon leaving college.

I applied for a few art-related university courses; then I came across a new course Brighton was offering – Multimedia. It sounded perfect – combining web design, photography, filmmaking – it gave me the opportunity to be who I was and mix different creative directions.

I spent the next few years exploring everything, from computer animation to film making, to mixing elements of web design with my photography and illustration interests. The course offered me a structure to learn, but also the freedom to create and explore. The tutors were also really supportive of my outside interests – such as photographing the occasional wedding (because of my interest in photography, I had become the go-to guy amongst friends getting married!)

If I had to pick one thing from my time at University that shaped my career, it would be from later in the course; we were given a chance to meet some Brighton artists and create a website to showcase their work. I loved the process – engaging with the artists and getting to know them – making something to showcase who they were and what they were passionate about. It was something I loved, and for the first time in my life gave me a glimpse of what I truly wanted to do. It wasn’t just about creating something – it was creating something they cared about, and it aligned so perfectly with the wedding business I was growing alongside my studies.

My time at university, combined with the growing my own business showed that there is no harm in trying lots of different things and enjoying doing a little of everything.

Weddings give me this opportunity. Across a 12 hour day, I’m a journalist capturing a story, a portrait photographer helping people look amazing and feel at ease; then I’m a landscape photographer looking for the best angle to catch a scene, then I’m styling details for an editorial spread – all this while being a calming influence to a nervous bride and wedding party.

Outside of the wedding day, I adore running my own business. I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of it from marketing and creating websites – to finding new ways to grow – building the business is my biggest passion.

The future for the studio is exciting too – my partner has recently started offering wedding videos and I’m also teaching marketing and SEO for photographers. Over the past 10+ year’s I’ve learned so much about building a business – It’s exciting to share that and help others develop their brand.

If I had to give tips to students or recent graduates, I’d say it’s OK to have outside interests and grow these alongside your studies. University life gives you an incredible opportunity for growth, along with a safety net of tutors and lecturers – many of whom would usually be very happy to help you nurture ideas and offer advice.

I’d also say that it’s ok to try lots of different things until you find what fits – it’s about finding what makes you happy and embracing it – you only have one shot at life, use it doing something you love.

If you want to see more of Simon’s work then you can check out his company website and his Instagram here:


Nic Ashton • February 6, 2019

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