New York, New York alumni 25th Gathering

On Friday 13th April a group of graduates gathered in New York to raise a glass to celebrate 25 years of Brighton achieving university status. Alumna Nabila Aydin, who works for FDM Group in New York, organised the meet. By chance, Vice Chancellor Professor Debra Humphris was visiting New York at the time and was able to go along and join the group. Nabila said:

“It was pleasure to host this event on behalf of FDM Group for University of Brighton Alumni in New York. I am an alumna myself and have such fond memories of my time in Brighton. FDM Group was originally founded in Brighton and we have lots of alumni still working at the company including the COO, Sheila Flavell. It was an honour to have the Vice Chancellor, Debra Humphris in attendance too – she’s an inspiration and role model to all of us.”

If you would like to host one of our 25 gatherings to celebrate Brighton achieving university status, please send us an email to and we can provide you with goodie bags for the event and help you invite other alumni in your area!

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