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Celebrating 25 years in Kenya!

A small group of graduates reunited in Nairobi, Kenya to mark 25 years of Brighton achieving university status. Angeline Elliott from the International Office facilitated this gathering at the hotel she was staying at during her travels.

She enjoyed the opportunity to meet with the graduates and described the evening as an intimate social event for alumni to gather and share stories about their experiences in Brighton and of the University.

The graduates updated Angeline and each other on their career successes.  All of them are employed in various interesting roles. Among them were two recent architecture graduates in work placements as part of the process to becoming fully qualified architects.

Also Mathew Muraya (International Hospitality Management, class of 2016) who is training to work in digital marketing and was due to attend a business meeting at 10pm that same night!

The event was a great opportunity for the graduates to connect with each other and share their stories of their time studying.

We are trying to hold 25 gatherings all over the world to mark 25 years of Brighton achieving university status. If you would like to host a gathering of graduates to mark 25 years, please get in touch by emailing

Nic Ashton • April 4, 2018

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