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Karin’s journey from international student to counsellor

Our alumni come from all over the world and each of their graduate journeys is different. Karin Brauner Hollman (Psychodynamic Therapeutic Counselling PGDip 2011) tells us about hers.

“I was born in Guatemala, where I lived until I moved to England in 2006. I went to a bilingual Montessori School there, which I am so grateful for as it provided me with the knowledge I needed to develop as a person and as an English and Spanish speaker.

“I am German by heritage, and this is something that helped me live and work England without requiring a Visa or work permit.

“I began my counselling and psychotherapy career in Guatemala, where I graduated with a BA and Licenceship in Clinical and Counselling Psychology (2008). I then moved to England in 2006 and studied for my PGDip at the University of Brighton between 2009–2011.

“The course at the University of Brighton allowed me to fulfill at least two of my goals in England: the first one being to practice in this country, and the second was to practice in the NHS – even though it was as an honorary counsellor, it was very rewarding and a great learning curve in short-term counselling.

“On my third year (2013) with Brighton NHS, I decided to start my private practice and haven’t looked back since. Private practice is very rewarding but the work is not guaranteed or regular due to cancellations, endings, holidays, etc, so a regular salary is impossible to calculate. Hence, I have carried on working as a home care support worker with young people with disabilities and autism, for some regular income.

“I have recently started a blog as an extra source of work – and at some point a source of income – from my love of writing, and writing particularly about practical advice and useful information for both clients and professionals alike.

“I also am developing some ebooks on counselling and self-help topics to sell on Amazon or Smashwords, and other similar platforms. There is a novel in the works as well, based on dreams I had whilst working through some difficult issues in therapy whilst training. So watch out for that novel – I hope to publish it in the near future!

“In regards to my private practice, I offer supervision, one-to-one counselling, couples counselling, and have a few slots available for working with young people under 16. Having gone through the financial stresses of paying for a course myself, I offer a discounted price for counselling and other students. I work from my cosy office in Hove and via Skype if the client prefers it. I also offer academic support from GCSE to masters-level, which includes proofreading, advice on essay work, and support with theory and learning.”

You can find out more about Karin’s counselling from her website or follow her blog. She can also be followed on Facebook, Twitter and connected with on LinkedIn.


Sarah Grant • September 6, 2017

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  1. Karin Brauner September 7, 2017 - 10:10 am Reply

    Thanks Sarah for this! I have added a mention of this post in my blog:

  2. N¡na September 13, 2017 - 4:52 pm Reply

    Karin’s career sounds very rewarding.

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