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As term draws to a close, we are delighted to share details of an awards scheme designed to keep students motivated. The University of Brighton’s Breakthrough Awards have been made possible through the generosity of former students (alumni) and local businesses who are keen to align themselves with student talent. Working with the University of Brighton Alumni Association, these supporters created the Breakthrough Awards to reward students during the most challenging phase of their studies.

Each award has been established in conjunction with an individual or company to recognise excellence in both academic courses and extracurricular activities, thereby motivating students to continue doing well. The awards cover a diverse range of subject areas and are distributed annually at a prize-giving ceremony where students get the opportunity to meet the donors who made their award possible.

As many of these prize donors are alumni, they understand the effort you put in to your studies and are genuinely interested in helping you make the most of your course. For example, Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim), Brighton alumnus and award-winning DJ/producer said: “It means a lot to me to be able to create a prize like this and help students who have shown such promise with their studies.”

Each award is worth £500 and is matched with a donation to one of the university’s many and varied student experience projects such as the student support fund, sports scholarships or enterprise grants.

These awards make a tangible difference to students as former recipients can attest: “The prize money comes as a great relief and an incentive to push myself ever further and perform as well as I can.”
Eugene – winner of the ZSTa Architecture BA(Hons) Breakthrough Award

“I found a passion in law which has been supported by the university and has allowed me to grow as a person and as an academic. I support myself through student loans and a part-time job so money has been very tight. The prize money will allow some breathing space to concentrate on my studies.”
Nick – winner of the DMH Stallard Law with Business LLB(Hons) Breakthrough Awards

“This award has given me a huge boost in confidence as it shows that I am performing well and so has given me further encouragement to continue to work hard through the remainder of my degree.”
Lucy – winner of the Laine Pub Company International Hospitality Management BA(Hons) Breakthrough Award

Some of our supporters have also created enterprise awards which recognise individual ventures. The following awards are open for entries until 5 June. You can find out more about them here.

The Harvey Goldsmith Breakthrough Award for Entrepreneurship is available to first and second year students who can demonstrate outstanding entrepreneurial achievement. Harvey Goldsmith CBE is a legendary producer and rock concert promoter who studied pharmacy at the university.

The JC Reid Breakthrough Award for Business Creation is for students who have taken the steps to establish a business or social venture. Set up by Brighton alumnus JC Reid, founder of Skint Records, the awards are open to first and second year students who have been trading for at least six months.

The Roger Cowdrey Breakthrough Award for Entrepreneurship in the Arts is open to undergraduate or postgraduate students whose enterprises demonstrate outstanding creativity, innovation and market potential. Brighton alumnus Roger, is an international business consultant, writer and motivational speaker.

Keep your eyes open for other awards and prizes available through the University of Brighton Alumni Association throughout the academic year.


Sarah Grant • May 24, 2017

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