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Big up Brighton alumni!

A massive thank you is in order to our wonderful alumni volunteers! Throughout the last year (January 2016–2017) 350 graduates shared their time, advice and wealth of experience with current students.

By remaining involved with the university, you, our vital alumni volunteers, have supported and inspired current students and fellow alumni. Through a range of volunteering activities, you have demonstrated your skills learnt during and since leaving the University of Brighton. What a brilliant way to develop your own talents, to show pride in your achievements and help others to achieve success too!

The time you dedicate is greatly appreciated. Your time is a gift. Every hour given has contributed to the development of current students. The time spent by alumni volunteering in the last year has added up to 411 valuable hours. Yes, 411 hours! That is over 51 working days’ worth of volunteering. Put another way, this amounted to the monetary worth of nearly £8,000 in alumni time. As an exempt charity, the University of Brighton Alumni Association functions to mutually benefit students and graduates and we could not do this without help from you, our Brighton alumni. The time and skills you provide are indispensable, and we are proud to have you all as graduates.

Over the last year, your contributions have included:

  • providing advice through our Ask Alumni programme
  • attending international fairs
  • advocating at university open days
  • providing a quote about your time at university
  • sharing your experience through talks
  • mentoring as part of our Momentum programme.

Keen to get more involved? You could also:

  • advertise a graduate-level job through our careers service
  • provide advice and direction for your alumni association
  • supply a testimonial of your time at university
  • advertise careers within your company to students and graduates for free
  • offer work shadowing to a current student
  • join a speakers panel or curriculum advisory board
  • offer shadowing to a current student.

This year, July had the highest level of participation with the sunshine enticing 106 volunteers to help out, but participation is possible even if you only have a few minutes to spare. In 15 minutes or less, you could micro-volunteer by telling us where you live, work, and what you are proud of since leaving the University of Brighton and what you would like from your alumni association. Selfies are always welcome via Twitter and Pinterest. Don’t forget to update your details using the online form or drop us an email via

Did you volunteer?
Tweet to @brightonalumni about your volunteering experience to encourage others to do the same.


Anistasia James • February 8, 2017

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