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Meet Brighton’s Titans (School of Applied Social Sciences)

The School of Applied Social Sciences (SASS) prides itself on offering an inter-disciplinary and applied approach to learning, producing highly employable and adaptable graduates who go on to a rich and fascinating range of careers. As this month sees the launch of the Brighton’s Titans campaign, we’re pleased to share the experiences of just a few of our more prominent alumni.

Anthony Kalume graduated in 2016 with a PGCert in Community Engagement and Entrepreneurship. He is now Chair of Diversity Lewes as well as an active educator, activist and community organiser. Anthony says that the University of Brighton “made me aware of my potential and enduring persistence, enabling me to achieve the impossible as a mature student”. He continues: “I managed to hone my skills in desktop research and field work especially in oral and recorded history as well as incorporating aspects of community engagement that greatly assisted me in my day-to-day work schedule and commitments.”


Another Social Science graduate is Sarah Dickinson, who earned a BA(Hons) in 2003. As Head of Equality Charters at Athena SWAN, she is playing a strong role in the promotion of gender equality in STEM fields. “Doing a social science degree taught me critical thinking and analysis, which is essential in the job I do now,” she says. “I was given the right amount of help during my studies so that I felt supported but was able and encouraged to work autonomously which has proven crucial in my career.” Sarah says the main thing she gained from her time at Brighton was confidence: “It’s such an accepting university and city and it made me understand my strengths and feel secure and confident in my thinking and capabilities.”


Wesley Ankrah is Managing Director of Essential Living Futures, a company he formed in 2015 with the aim of improving the lives of disadvantaged people and communities in London. His BA(Hons) in Criminology and Sociology gave him a solid grounding in issues around social justice, inequality and other issues that inform his work today. “I cannot fault my experience of the university over the three years,” he says. “The learning resources for the SASS department were excellent, the lectures and seminars were engaging and challenging, the teaching staff were dynamic and vibrant, and the facilities on campus were great. If I had studied at a different university, I doubt if I’d be in my current role.”


Sarah Grant • November 2, 2016

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