Wedding Photography

Sumer 2023 I shot my first wedding. It was for a friend of a friends and I was one of two photographers attending. In preparation for the event I did some research, watched online videos and looked at example work. I also reached out and had a coffee with a local wedding photographer to get more advice from someone experienced. As a result of this she lent me some extra lenses and a flash. We also had a teams call with the bride to discuss her ideas, expectations and the itinerary of the day.

The day itself began at 6am as I had to commute into London for it. The other photographer and I arrived early to scout out the church before walking to the brides home to take the first pictures of her putting on her dress. The whole day was quite stressful and lighting was a constant battle, with super bright sunlight and the dark interior of the church. I think I would manage better if I shot the same event today, with my improved understanding of lighting. It taught me how important having a variety of lenses is, especially having a zoom lens, so you aren’t to intrusive in tender moments of the ceremony.

I came away from the event not particularly keen to do another one. I found it hard to get inspired by shots because I didn’t have a connection to the subject matter. I realised that photographing events, where the photograph is not ‘the event’ itself is probably not for me, I think I prefer photographing in a less spontaneous and more controlled way.

Here are some photos I took from the wedding…

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