In October 2023 Photoworks ( came to talk to the 2nd and 3rd year photography students about an opportunity to be part of  Dreamyplace Festival (, I signed up. To begin we partook in a writing workshop, responding to photos we’d taken. We were then paired up and given a fairly open brief in which to make a photograph to be exhibited somewhere in Brighton. We were given two weeks to create a concept, source props, organise a test shoot and final shoot, edit, print and create some writing to accompany it. The best part of the project was being able to collaborate, it was great to have a constant creative dialogue through each of the stages and we worked really well together.

Our outcome was printed on blue backed paper and pasted onto a telephone box with wallpaper glue and a wide brush. Our piece commented on the increased pace of life, depicting a man in a suit emerging straight out of the water after a morning sea swim. We captioned it ‘There’s bigger fish to fry,’ and the model is barging through the overlayed letters. We took inspiration from sport photography and advertising, wanting to create something slightly crude, but eye catching and accessible in meaning. For Dreamyplace festival there was a tour of everyone’s work, in which we had to give a short explanation.

Working collaboratively is something I enjoy, it brings out the best of my own creativity. I loved being involved in all the stages of the project, from idea generation right through to installation. Photoworks is an organisation that I’d be keen to work with again, or at least keep in my radar. They are an international platform, global in reach, that has provided opportunities for artists and audiences since 1995. They are a registered charity supported by funding through Arts Council England’s National Portfolio.

Photos of the installed work…


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