Ola Teper: Developing ideas for a phD

Ola talked us through her creative journey as a photographic artist. She looked back at work she had made for her BA at Brighton, discussing the research and technical experimentation she undertook to resolve the work. It was interesting to hear her describe her process as ‘reactive,’ by this she meant that she constantly took inspiration from things that were coming into her life.

Prior to the talk I didn’t have much understanding on what distinguished a phD from a masters or BA. She helped clarify the differences, some of which included: A phD student researches a subject where there has been little¬† literature/research covering it, the phD is a self-structured course and you are paired with a supervisor whose research interests overlap with your own.¬†Although it sounds interesting I don’t think doing a phD is something I am interested in doing any time soon.

The last point they made, which seems to be a recurring theme of these talks, was emphasising the importance of joining a collective. Post-graduating it’s important to have a creative circle of peers in which to bounce ideas off and keep each others creativity alive.

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