Phoenix Artspace

Phoenix Artspace ( has been on my radar for a couple years now. I enjoy visiting the exhibitions, which change relatively frequently. Phoenix Artspace Open Studios, as part of the Fringe Festival, is a great opportunity to speak to practicing artists and learn about their artistic journey and current projects. Last year I had a great chat with April Yasamee who did an artist residency in the Phoenix Artspace main gallery. Going to the opening night of Real Utopias, Photo Fringe 2022, hosted by Phoenix Artspace, gave me insight into the Brighton photography scene, I ended up invigilating Will Morgan’s exhibition ‘A City Inside Out’ at Regency Town House.

The current exhibition at Phoenix Artspace was ‘Are you a woman in authority?’ The media was diverse, video, painting, sculpture, but the themes link. We heard from Kitty Bew, the exhibition coordinator. She spoke honestly about challenges with funding such ambitious exhibitions and her role in finding these funds. She provided insight into curation logistics, how art pieces are loaned or have specific display requirements. I asked about how they try to encourage people to come into the gallery space and she spoke of the importance of promotion via social media and family workshops. Workshops would be organised by an Art Facilitator.

Kitty’s personal journey to the position of exhibition coordinator started with her volunteering on the front desk and slowly working her way up to a paid role. She emphasised the importance of attending things, exhibitions, talks, opening nights and how mailing lists are a good way to be in the loop.

I took two things away from the talk. The first being that finding funding is key to making exhibitions possible and that putting on an exhibition requires logistical problem solving. An exhibition coordinator is required to address both needs. The second was the importance of participating in short term volunteer work, which I hope to do more of this summer with Photo Fringe 2024 and Photoworks.



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