Walking with milk

Kathmandu Triennial, April 1st, 2017

Five international women performers walked through Basantapur Durbar Square carrying bowls filled to the brim with milk. Over 60 onlookers decided to pick up bowls and join them on their journey. Together they slowly progressed forward through the ancient, bustling cityscape taking care not to spill the milk. Using the practice of ‘expanded listening’ in combination with knowledge and respect for each other they silently navigate obstacles and threats from police, hawkers, dogs and traffic. Through their joint determination to care for the milk, they built a moving, impenetrable wall of strength, vulnerability and love.

Student volunteers posed the following questions to interested passers by

In a political climate of increasing fear and hate with talk of erecting walls and strengthening borders is the notion of a ‘wall’ always that which separates and divides us?

Can group actions of care within vulnerability be synonymous with strength and self-empowerment?

Can this dynamic, listening, moving strength provide a useful counterpoint to a static, rigid, solid mono-perspective?

Collaborative Performance by:

Alice Fox
Ashmina Ranjit
Marie Julia Bollansée
Monali Meher
Ryan Elisabeth Reid

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